Wooden Sunglasses vs. Non-Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden Sunglasses vs. Non-Wooden Sunglasses

Sep 29th 2020

Popular sunglasses styles come in all shapes and sizes, but for many decades, sunglasses have largely been made from just two different materials: plastic and metal. While plastic and metal are very versatile and durable, they’re also very standard and mainstream, and if you're looking for something that'll help you stand out, you'll be pleased to know you have another great option: wood.

Today, we’re seeing unisex sunglasses that are handcrafted out of a variety of materials, including wood. If you haven’t yet taken a close look at wooden sunglasses, you’re missing out on some amazing styling and features. Wanna try on some wooden sunglasses for yourself? Check out our pop up shows!


Fashionable sunglasses made of traditional materials like plastic and metal have been around for a long time. Because of this, they’re widely available and come in all kinds of colors and styles, such as our mirror polarized sunglasses line, which comes in blue, red, green, brown, silver, and gold. When you’re walking down the street on a sunny day, just about everyone you pass will be wearing sunglasses made from common materials.

But wait--were those wooden sunglasses you just saw? When you wear a pair of sunglasses made from wood, you'll be sure to turn heads. Even if they’re styled in a classic design like wayfarers or clubmasters, their texture, finish, and depth will make people take a second look. Wear a pair of wooden sunglasses, and there's no doubt you'll get noticed.

A Brush With Nature

Most people who are wearing sunglasses are technically out of doors, and that’s why they’re wearing sunglasses. But just because you're outside doesn't mean you’re having a brush with nature. This is especially true in New York City. Your feet are on the pavement, and you’re walking through concrete canyons. Protecting your eyes with plastic and metal further ensconces you in man-made materials.

But when you wear a pair of authentic wooden sunglasses, you maintain your connection with nature, regardless of where you are. In this age of ever-present LCD screens and earbuds, it often seems we can go for days without touching anything with texture. How about bringing a little nature into the objects you use every single day, like your sunglasses? Sun too strong? Look into the differences between polarized vs. non-polarized sunglasses as you're browsing your wooden sunglass options.


Mass-market production has been a huge boon to modern society. Whether it’s men’s sunglasseswomen’s sunglasses, or something else entirely, mass production is huge. Mass-market production brings us inexpensive and functional furniture, vehicles, household goods, computers and mobile devices, and even food. It allows us to inexpensively purchase all kinds of products that make our lives easier and more comfortable.

But every now and then, it’s nice to have an item that's handcrafted by artisans who are highly skilled in what they do. Machines do an excellent job of creating sunglasses, but so can humans--and human-crafted sunglasses are special. Maybe they even have a little more soul than your average pair of plastic sunglasses.


Some sunglasses styles really lend themselves to sleekness. These styles--especially the futuristic ones--just plain look good in plastic and metal. If you’re not looking for texture or wood grain or depth, then plastic or metal will probably work great.

If you’re looking for something completely unique, however, try out the unmatched texture of wooden sunglasses. Fashion was never about one-dimensional materials, and wooden sunglasses provide a layer of texture to your look that is both fashion-forward and traditional at the same time.


If you’re concerned about how your habits and purchasing decisions affect the environment, you might be thinking of ways to limit the amount of plastic you buy. After all, the plastic manufacturing process creates a host of pollution and health problems, and plastic itself lasts a long time--far longer than we often need it to.

Opting for wooden sunglasses can help you to minimize your environmental impact on the world. Wood is a renewable resource, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re not taking something from the earth that won’t be able to grow back.

Would you like to try on some wooden sunglasses yourself? Do you want to learn about the best sunglasses for men and the best sunglasses for women? We would be happy to answer your questions. Check out our store to buy sunglasses online. Looking for sunglasses in NYC? Check us out at Artist & Fleas in Chelsea NY!