Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses: Which Is Better for You?

Posted by Tabulae Eyewear on Nov 9th 2020

Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses: Which Is Better for You?

Are you looking to replace your old pair of sunglasses? Are you wondering which is the better choice between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses?

Wearing your sunglasses especially during summer brings many health benefits

Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Exposure to UV rays can cause different kinds of eye problems

However, not all sunglasses are the same. Some are superior to others. Thus, the polarized vs non-polarized sunglasses debate continues to wage on.

But which of the two should you go for? What is the best choice of sunglasses you can give your eyes? Is one truly superior to the other? 

Continue reading below as we settle the debate once and for all.

Polarized vs Non-Polarized Sunglasses: The Similarities and Differences

To get a better appreciation of the polarized vs non-polarized sunglasses debate, let us first discuss the key similarities and differences between the two. The main characteristic they both share is the ability to reduce brightness.

They can both do so whether you’re under the sun or indoors looking at some powerful lights. Other than that, polarized and non-polarized sunglasses hardly share anything else.

But when it comes to the key differences, this is where things become a bit more interesting. Polarized sunglasses take eye protection to the next level by reducing glare. Polarized lenses come with a special coating that horizontally filters out light.

The horizontal orientation of light is the one that causes glare. When horizontal light hits certain surfaces, the reflection results in the glare. 

The Outdoor Edge

Now that we established the superiority of polarized lenses, let’s discuss the instances where they excel. First and foremost, polarized sunglasses can be your best friend when outdoors. 

As we mentioned earlier, these sunglasses feature a special coating. This highly-reflective coating reduces glare. It also limits haze and reflections of all sorts.

If you are boating on a sunny day, you can see past the water reflections with a pair of polarized sunglasses. You can appreciate the scenic views without having to worry about hurting your eyes.

Furthermore, the special coating provides extra contrast during the day. In turn, it makes the sky appear in deeper blue. This is helpful if you’re relaxing on the beach or playing water sports. 

And if you’re suffering from light sensitivity, polarized sunglasses will be useful.

When Using Your Devices

Do you spend several hours in front of a laptop, smartphone, or television? Then you’re exposing your eyes to digital eye strain. But with a pair of polarized sunglasses, you can reduce the impact of extensive screen usage. 

When you look at your digital screens with polarized lenses, you will notice a faded view. Sometimes, you will see the screen turn dark depending on the angle you are viewing the screen from.

The caveat, however, is the distorted view. If the darker screen disrupts your viewing, you may go for a pair of computer glasses as an alternative.

Furthermore, this is the only time non-polarized sunglasses trump their polarized counterparts. Because they don’t come with special anti-glare coating, non-polarized sunglasses allow you to enjoy what the digital screen is showing by default. 

Road Safety

Do you want to enjoy that long afternoon drive without the glare? Then a pair of polarized sunglasses can keep the latter at bay. 

A study revealed that the glare of bright sunlight can cause vehicular accidents. Though road accidents do happen during the day, it increases by 16% when the sun is at its brightest. And in these accidents, it is the driver who experienced the glare who is at fault.

Since the court cannot rule against the sun, the law finds the driver liable for failing to wear custom sunglasses with anti-glare features.

During Winter

Don’t mistake glares as something that only happens during summer. They also pose problems during winter when you’re hiking, snowboarding, or skiing. 

Much like water, snow can also reflect the sun’s rays. In turn, they can also produce glares that can affect your vision. Since skiing or climbing up slopes entails topnotch safety, you need to ensure visual clarity along the way.

The Key Drawbacks

Though polarized sunglasses beat non-polarized ones in many aspects, it doesn’t mean they are perfect. There are still a few drawbacks that you need to consider before buying one.

First, there is the common concern of seeing things darker. For starters, it will be challenging to see clearly when punching your ATM PIN. 

And if you’re planning to watch your favorite show on your digital TV or tablet, your polarized sunglasses will not yield optimum viewing experience.

If you’re operating heavy machines, these sunglasses will not be able to provide the visual clarity that you need. The same thing goes if you’re an airplane pilot.

Last but not least, polarized sunglasses are more expensive than non-polarized ones. This is because of the special coating that helps deflect glare and reflection. 

The Final Verdict on the Polarized vs Non-Polarized Sunglasses Debate

Now the question remains: should you go for polarized sunglasses for men and women? The answer depends on your needs. But in the grander scheme of things, they edge out non-polarized sunglasses. 

If you’re looking for ample protection against glare, then investing in one is a wise decision. If you’re looking for visual safety while driving or during outdoor activities, then they will certainly come in handy.

If you want to enjoy relief from eye strains and eye fatigue, wear one to experience visual comfort. Though polarized sunglasses for women and men will cost you more, it yields long-term benefits that give the best value for your money.

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