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Here are a few reviews from customers:
Troy and the rest of the Tabulae team are fantastic! I bought a pair of sunglasses that I absolutely loved from their store less than a year ago. Unfortunately, one of the lenses popped out and I lost it. I contacted Troy and he was on it right away! He had a new fresh pair delivered to my front door that very same day for a price of only $40 (because they were covered under the warranty). He was so accommodating and the service was impeccable! Not only is this company amazing at providing first in class service, they also provide beautifully made sunglasses that are unique, well made, and super stylish! Will definitely continue using and recommending this company for years to come! - Josephine Messing
Unbelievable service and quality! My favorite pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned. I went with the Midas. Classic look and timeless design. Custom fitted to my face and lens that work best for my eye color. I would highly recommend anyone looking for great pair sunglasses to try Tabulae You won’t be disappointed! Enjoy - Justin Saigh
Can't sing the praises of Tabulae loudly enough! Great customer service, even better eyewear. I get a ton of compliments on my RAs and the tint makes me feel like it is golden hour all the time. Highly recommended. - Landon Davison