Benefits of Mirrored Sunglasses

August 31, 2017

Benefits of Mirrored Sunglasses


Fashionable sunglasses in many different styles are showing up with mirrored lenses this season. You’ll see them on round sunglasses, aviators, and even on wayfarers and cat eye glasses. Whether you are looking for men's sunglasses or women's sunglasses, mirror polarized sunglasses are made for everyone. It's one of the most popular sunglasses styles

What Are Mirror-Coated Sunglasses?

Sunglasses with mirror coating have lenses that reflect light away from your eyes more than regular tinted lenses. They have the appearance of mirrors, and they’re offered in both prescription and regular lenses.

Are mirror coated sunglasses simply for good looks? You might be surprised about some of the following benefits of mirrored sunglasses.

Mirrored Sunglasses Offer Brighter Fields of Vision

It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but mirrored sunglasses actually offer a brighter vision to the wearer. Because these sunglasses reflect light instead of absorbing it, people actually experience more brightness through the lenses.

This is especially helpful for people who are outside for long stretches at a time. For instance, people who drive semi-trucks or athletes who spend many hours at a time outside find that they experience less eye strain when they wear mirrored sunglasses.

Mirrored Sunglasses are More Durable

Mirror coating is one of the most durable coatings available for sunglasses today. If wear and tear are an important consideration for you, think about getting a pair of mirrored sunglasses. They resist scratches much better than some of the other coatings, so if you are hard on sunglasses, this might be the best option for you.

Because they’re more durable, people often like wearing mirrored sunglasses when they play sports or participate in water activities. If you’re going boating, playing volleyball, or skiing, take along a pair of mirrored sunglasses and keep your eyes protected without worrying about scratching your lenses. Check out the differences between polarized vs non polarized sunglasses.


Some people, especially introverts, really appreciate the anonymity they experience when they’re wearing mirrored sunglasses. No one knows whether you’re making eye contact or looking at the fountain just beyond the person you’re talking to. It’s kind of like walking around in disguise. If you could use a little anonymity in your life, get yourself a pair of mirrored sunglasses. If you want to buy sunglasses online, check out our store. 

Glare Protection

People with extreme light sensitivity find that mirrored sunglasses help them to feel more comfortable out in the sunshine. If you tend to get headaches from being out in the sun, whether it’s in the heat of summer or the reflective glare of winter, mirrored sunglasses can protect your eyes from damage and keep you more comfortable.

UV Light Protection

Sunglasses with mirror-coated lenses are available with up to 100 percent UV protection. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can result in photokeratitis, sometimes referred to as “sunburn of the eye.” This condition can be painful. It’s characterized by red eyes and the feeling that you have something gritty, like sand, in your eyes. Your eyes may tear up until they begin to heal. Fortunately, photokeratitis is a temporary condition, but there are other more permanent conditions that can occur if your eyes are repeatedly exposed to too much sun.

For example, cataracts and macular degeneration are common in older people whose eyes were exposed to too much solar radiation. Wearing mirrored sunglasses can help to block out the harmful UV rays that damage the eyes.

Plenty of Options

Mirrored sunglasses are available in many different frame styles as well as many different colors. You’ll find them on our wooden framed sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, and in just about every style we have.You can even get them in different, vibrant colors, such as Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Gold, and Silver. Check out a few sunglasses trends for fall 2017.

Have you worn mirrored sunglasses before? If not, come on into the showroom and try on a pair. You can see if you like the look of them and the way the light comes in through the lenses. Contact us with questions, or just stop by at our pop up shops. We look forward to seeing you!