Sunglasses Trends for Fall 2017

August 14, 2017

Sunglasses Trends for Fall 2017

Sunglasses have a way of turning heads, and the new shades out this fall are certainly stylish. Whether they're men's sunglasses or women's sunglasses, they're a necessity! We’re excited to bring the latest fall 2017 trends in sunglasses to our customers and think you’ll enjoy finding a trend that suits your own personal style.

Check out some of the most popular sunglasses styles around:

Oversized Aviators

There’s something undeniably cool about aviator sunglasses. That’s one of the reasons they never fully leave the fashion scene. This year’s aviators, however, have undergone a shape change. They’re larger and sturdier than classic aviators, perfect for a more masculine vibe. Still hanging on to the classic teardrop shape of the lens, this fall’s oversized aviators take some new cues from hip-hop and streetwear trends. The fashion forward will love the new twist on a classic.

Retro-Inspired Round Frames

Channeling the metal shapes popular in the 70’s as well as the smaller frames of the 90’s grunge era, this year’s round vintage sunglasses are reminiscent of the original hipster glasses. Fans of John Lennon will appreciate this new trend. Just like the heracles sunglasses, they work best on narrow to medium face shapes and are particularly attractive for people with angular facial features.


D-frame sunglasses manage to be both contemporary and retro at the same time. With their sharp, straight slice across the top of the rims, these frames have a futuristic feel to them, although they’re certainly not new. What’s new about this year’s D-frame trend is that they have a more masculine character, and they’re appearing in many different colors and textures. D-frames are great for people with round face shapes. If you are looking for a pair of D-frames sunglasses, be sure to check out the EROS and the EROS II

Heavy Browline Frames

Flat-topped and square, heavy browline frames last a successful appearance in the 80s and 90s. We’re glad to have them back, especially with their new contemporary twists like the odin.

Today’s heavy browline frames are sleek. Their more prominent browline and subtle curves provide a fresh retro nod to a classic shape. They’re perfect for triangle-shaped faces and defined jaw lines.

Square Wayfarers

Way back in the 1950’s, Ray Ban introduced wayfarer sunglasses, and the style has been associated with summer and beaches ever since. Since then, the popularity of wayfarer has fluctuated, as styles do, and they’re making a definite comeback, like the Zeus, this fall.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking wayfarers belong exclusively on the beach. With features like tortoise shell styling, mirrored frames, tapered temples, and even silver rivets, this year’s wayfarers are as cool and comfortable as ever and look as natural with business suits as they do with sandals.

Colorful Lenses

This fall you’ll be seeing colorful lenses in many different frame styles such as Blue, Red, Green, and even Gold! Including a pop of color in your sunglasses is a simple and interesting way to accessorize, and you might just see your world a little differently when you’re looking through ombre lenses. Look for pinkish, yellow, and even greenish tints this fall.

Cat-Eye Shapes

Already popular in the academic and business environment, cat-eye shapes are a definite trend in sunglasses as well this fall. You’ll find a variety of shapes, from rounded frames with a hint of a peak at the temples to highly stylized modern silhouettes. Cat-eye sunglasses are playful and sexy. Enjoy the fashion possibilities.

Classic Cool Clubmasters

Perhaps you only want to invest in one solid pair of trendy sunglasses this fall. Classic Cool Clubmasters might be just what you’re looking for. Fusing casual style and fashion statements, these shades have shown up on many of Hollywood’s leading men, including Bruce Willis in the 1980’s TV series Moonlighting. Originally designed in the late 1940’s by Shuron Ronsirs vice president Jack Rohrbach, Clubmasters are back again this fall. The odin is a great option for some cool clubmasters. They offer a refined but casual look, unarguably chic and available in a variety of materials and styles.

With so many great trends this fall, it can be difficult to make a decision. The best thing you can do is to visit our shop and try on the latest styles. Feel free to contact us with questions if you would like to buy sunglasses online. We hope to see you soon at our pop up shows!