How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

October 03, 2017

How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Sunglasses trends come and go, but your face shape stays the same. And that’s actually good news! Once you understand which frames best flatters your face, you’ll always know which sunglasses to be drawn to and which to avoid. But is there a way to keep up with the current sunglasses trends even though some of the trends don’t really suit your face shape?

It’s a good question, and we hear similar questions frequently. We’ve found that the best way to answer this question for yourself is to first identify your face shape and then choose a pair of glasses that complement your natural features. Fortunately, many of this year’s trends come in different sizes and slightly different shapes, so it’s possible to adapt some trends to your face even if they’re not normally the best choice for your face shape. If you need help deciding on the type of sunglasses, learn about the benefits of mirror polarized sunglasses, the benefits of wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses, and polarized sunglasses vs non-polarized sunglasses.

There are four main face shapes: heart, round, oval, and square. Let’s take a look at each face shape and the styles that suit them best. Be sure to also look into the sunglasses trends through the decades and the most popular sunglasses styles.

Heart Shape Faces

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a narrow jawline and wider forehead. The best frames for a heart-shaped face are those that are wider on the top than they are at the bottom. While there are many styles that fit this description, here are three of the most common.

Retro Square

If you’re looking for a Fall 2017 sunglasses trend, this is a big one. And fortunately, retro square sunglasses look good on just about everybody. Retro square sunglasses have a wide top, and usually, they have interesting lines accentuating the forehead and temple region, so they’re perfect for adding width.

Cat Eye

These sunglasses are also back in style this year, and they look great on heart-shaped faces. With their up-and-outward slants, they’re perfectly suited for faces that are wider at the top than at the jawline.


While you may not want to wear sports sunglasses for every occasion, they look particularly good on people with heart-shaped faces. Like cat eye glasses, sports654\\ sunglasses are usually slanted toward the temples, and they generally have strong lines across the top.

Round Faces

If your face is widest across the cheekbones and narrower at the forehead and jawline, you have a round face. People with round faces find that it’s best to avoid oversized and rectangular frames because these styles accentuate roundness. The following styles are great for round faces.

Square Frames

As long as they’re not too large, square frames can look fantastic on round faces. They offer an interesting contrast to the face shape while maintaining a nice balance.

Retro Square

The trendy retro square is another great look for people with round face shapes. Slightly taller than the traditional square, the retro square has a classic appeal and can be found this season in many different colors and finishes.

Cat Eye

Like heart shapes, round faces benefit from the interesting design and styling of cat eye sunglasses. The immortal cat eye silhouette is creating quite a stir this season. You can find it in many different shapes - found, oblong, even slightly squared - and in a variety of colors and interesting textures.

Oval Faces

Oval faces are longer than they are wide. In terms of glasses, oval face shapes are the most versatile. Many different styles flatter this face shape. As you choose, try to keep proportion in mind by avoiding frames that are too big or too small for your face. Here are some of the top picks for ovals.


Classic aviators - along with the new sleek aviators we’re seeing this season - work great on oval face shapes. With their interesting lens shapes and classic wire styling, they emphasize the regular proportions of oval faces.


Oversized sunglasses come and go because they’re on the extreme end of styling, but they look great on oval faces. We’re seeing some interesting oversized sunglasses this season in a variety of shapes and colors. Come try them on!

Rectangular & Square

Like round faces, oval faces sometimes need a little structure to create interest. Rectangular and square sunglasses provide the contrast that creates this interest. Both rectangle and square sunglasses are trending this fall, so you’ll find an amazing selection of choices in these styles.

Square Faces

With a strong jaw, wide forehead, and wide cheekbones, square-shaped faces often have strong features. To soften your features, choose sunglasses with soft lines or rimless edges. The following styles are great for square-shaped faces.


With their wire rims and soft shape, aviators are perfect for square faces. This season we’re seeing some aviator sunglasses with more squarish lenses. Try to avoid these and choose instead the more traditional aviator shapes with a narrower base.


Smaller, round sunglasses, like those worn by John Lennon, look fantastic on square faces. They usually have wire rims, and we’re seeing them in bolder colors this season Just like our Odin blue!. Their minimalist styling doesn’t compete with your facial features, and they are definitely a trend to watch in 2017.


With their rounded edges and lack of substantial frame, shield sunglasses work well for people with square-shaped faces. They’re also great for wearing during sports or outdoor activities because they thoroughly shield even part of your peripheral vision.

As you can see, there are plenty of attractive styles that suit each face shape. One of the best strategies for choosing the best sunglasses for your face shape is to bring a friend into the shop with you. Make sure it’s a friend who has good taste and will be honest with you. Try on different styles and find the ones that best accentuate your face shape and features. Look into our online store to see the different men sunglasses and women sunglasses.

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