Our Vision


Customized sunglasses for the modern world 

Get to know the owner! As an optician working in the corporate world, I realized that glasses are not only a necessity, but also a fashion statement. I do not believe people should pay outrageous costs for their eyewear needs. During my many years spent in this fast growing industry, I quickly observed that the materials used in manufacturing did not drive higher costs. Rather, the designer names and markups enforced by the few corporations, which dominate the eyewear market are responsible for increased prices. My honesty and desire to provide quality eyewear led me to be dismissed from a position in one of the largest eyewear corporations in the world. I decided that day was the end of my corporate work and the beginning of my career where I can follow my passion, while using my knowledge to help others. I spent my time thoroughly researching the development and design of my own cost efficient eyewear. A few short years later, Tabulae Eyewear was born.


We believe the beauty behind the perfect pair of glasses is not the brand or price tag, but the feeling it gives you when you look in the mirror and connect with your frame

Our sunglasses are produced in a small, independent factory and our lenses are custom-cut and assembled in our labs. Our hope is to provide our clients with unique, custom-made and beautiful sunglasses. 


Specialty Frames

Tabulae frames are made of cellulose acetate, stainless steel and titanium. Acetate is a strong, yet durable plant-based material, that is easy to adjust for optimal fit. Stainless steel and titanium are durable, with titanium being the lightest weight. Our frames are made of spring or standard hinges, which offers flexibility and a comfortable fit on the face. Every Tabulae frame is single handedly inspected for optical quality and suitable for prescription use.

Exquisite Lenses

Tabulae lenses are manufactured in two optical labs in the US. Both labs service many premium lenses to optical shops in the US. All lenses are made from plastic (CR-39) material. Lenses are 100% UVA & UVB treated and polarized.

Cut & Assembled

Tabulae frames and lenses are fully inspected prior to cutting, allowing the opportunity to cut a variety of lens color options for each frame. We inspect, adjust and thoroughly clean each pair of sunglasses to ensure complete comfort and satisfaction.